"Color crossing"

Art installation located in the city of Ramat Gan


    Ramat - Gan

  • DATE:

    December 2013


    Ramat - Gan Municipally


“Color Crossings” by designer Noy Naiman is an art installation of extraordinary size and scope never seen before in Israel. The installation is located in the city of Ramat Gan’s Diamond Exchange District (the “Bursa”) at one of its busiest intersections, where Ha’Rakun St., Shoham St. and Menachem Begin Road meet.
With its bold colors and its composition paralleling the office towers at the intersection, the installation draws and holds the gaze of pedestrians and immediately captures their attention, with the goal of arousing feelings of joyfulness and enthusiasm in them.

“The project was born out of a request for an artistic design that would give a jolt of energy to a drab, gray, concrete urban space. One idea was to paint vividly colored stripes on the intersection itself to highlight the beauty of the urban grid and instill in it a new meaning. The project strives to create a visual connection between the buildings and sidewalks and unify them through the use of color and composition while preserving each structure’s character.” (Noy Naiman)
Three teams worked side by side for three days to mount the installation. The color on the buildings is actually created by vinyl stickers that were installed with the help of building cranes. In addition, special sheets were glued to the sidewalks, columns were wrapped in colored PVC sheets, and sidewalk furniture and other fixtures were covered in keeping with the nature of each object.

On-site project management in the “Bursa”: Ran Wolf Urban Planning and Project Management Ltd.
Planning and design: Noy Naiman
Production and installation: Oz Geva
Video production: Mikooka Productions
Photography: Alon Segel