Brand Identity for the city of Beer-Sheva


    beer sheva muni.

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    visual identity

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Brand identity and brand book for the city of Be'er-Sheva.(“sheva” in Hebrew is 7) The concept was to position Beer – Sheva Israel's capital of opportunities ".

The Logo and graphic language accent  the value of opportunity by changing color schemes and modular images, which provides a platform for various occasions in Be'er Sheva. Here you will see a number of selected pages from the Brandbook design by “Noyman studio”. The new logo of Be'er-Sheva brings dynamic and contemporary vibe to the city.The logo contains 7 colors each represent a different opportunity in the city :entrepreneurship, education & environmental protection, housing &  real estate, research &  technology, tourism & leisure and culture. Brand Firm: shir&spitzer  Brand identity: NOYMAN-Creative Branding